About Jonathan



I’d start off by saying I’m probably a jack of all trades but my name ain’t Jack!


I’m in the third year of my degree at Birkbeck College, University of London where I study law. I’ve previously done internships and work experience at two law firms and a law center.

I do the odd bit of freelancing as a legal assistant with other young entrepreneurs looking to engage in the wide world of start-ups. I’m currently working as a Legal Assistant for an award winning fashion and product designer in the U.K.

I’m currently seeking further opportunities in the legal profession preferably in the form of a Training Contract or some other work experience in the interim. I am set to complete the LLB in June 2018 at which point I hope to undertake the LPC.

My up to date CV can be found on my LinkedIn profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jrwarner


I often blog (here) and separately on RLS. RLS is my fitness blog. I enjoy writing and blogging about law; careers and anything that really takes my fancy.

I am also paid to do the occasional blog post for other more established publications. I’m available to write posts for others at a negotiable fee as well as publish sponsored posts on either of my blogs should you find it appropriate.

I am passionate about creating good content and would be happy to hear of opportunities to work with others in the immediate or near future.

Please do contact me for further details: jonathan@omnibuslegal.com

Campaigns and Activism: 

I am a member of the Labour Party and have been since 2014.

Aside from that I’m the former Education Officer at Birkbeck College Students Union and now sit as the Secretary for Young Labour Lawyers.


I’m an aspiring polyglot. (It feels strange saying that!) I’m a bit of a Francophile so I’m currently trying to improve my French (see more about that here) with the hope of doing my masters there. In addition to this, I’m currently learning my mother tongue of Kweyol as well as Spanish.

I set myself the ambitious target to learn 681 of the most common French verbs by the end of the year.


Aside from being an eager beaver in the above, I like to run 5k’s every so often; consume moderate amounts of wine and sweat it out after in the gym albeit briefly. I like soca music and bouyon but I can’t sing, only chip. Don’t know what chipping is? See here.

My family originates from the Commonwealth of Dominica and I’m madly patriotic, borderline obsessive, and will argue to the death about the politics in the Caribbean too if you don’t walk away quick enough.

I don’t like saltfish or yam or cabbage. I like football (ish) but not Millwall.

I’m not a writer of covering letters; dating profiles (off the market lads!) or bios. But if you get in touch, I can write a cracking response!


Tweet me and say hello: @MrJrWarner;

Email me if we are being fancy: Jonathan@omnibuslegal.com;

Snapchat me if you want to be more hi-tech: Jrwarner

Please do not try to get in contact by leaving comments. Although comments are read and sometimes responded to on blog posts, no response is guaranteed. I don’t check them often.



Jack of all trades but his name ain’t Jack!